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"Promoting the health, not the high"

What is CBD ?

Recent History

Isn’t it time you were given the opportunity to benefit from CBD both physically and mentally ?

Genius Hemp is here to help you by giving factual information and offering one of the highest quality CBD oil based products in Europe.

CBD or Cannabidiol using its full name is taking the world by storm.Following the release of the World Health Organisation report in November 2017, and also the announcement from the World Anti-Doping Agency that CBD was to be removed from its banned substance list from 1st January 2018, hundreds of companies on the internet are selling CBD based products.

Sylvia & Stewart
Genius Hemp Founders
Genius Hemp only offer products from our Swiss manufacturer which only grow the highest quality Hemp plants free from pesticides, purified using the latest scientific methods and analysed and tested from seed to shelf. Blended to offer a range of strengths from 2.5% (1.25mg per drop), to 20% (10mg per drop).

With thousands of experiments and laboratory tests being carried out over recent years there is much documented evidence of the benefits of CBD. However, this has not been carried out extensively on humans. Today, professional, world class sports people and athletes are allowed to use CBD to help them, so reducing their reliance on pharmaceutical alternatives.

Genius Hemp is here to help

Genius Hemp – ‘Promoting the health, not the high’

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